I wake up each morning with a quick slide show in my head of what will be, most times these things I imagine never happen. I always intend to do more than I actually do. This morning, however, I did something I have wanted to do for a very long time - greet the day, formally. I was outside by 6:30 watching the world wake up. I noticed how quiet my hens were, still perched and full and the two new kittens were stretching and curious when I appeared from the back door, as though I disturbed them. The sky was filled with cumulus clouds and early morning birds searching, as they do every day, for food. The first flowers of summer, except for the lantanas, have lost their intensity but the late bloomers are so bountiful and beautiful. (I included a few shots of them). Soon, the Satsumas will turn yellow and then, by Halloween, orange. My bees have done a great job this year pollinating. It is quiet, because it is Saturday morning, people are still in their houses, many still asleep and the cars are not zooming down the road rushing to jobs they possibly dread, this is where it’s happening, this is the place to be, outside on an early Saturday morning. I am enveloped by the beauty that is given to us each day, beauty we so frequently chop down to “develop”, beauty we extinguish for profit, beauty we miss in our haste. Oh my, such negativity…sorry, but it comes from reality, I cannot help but see it and I don’t understand it.
I am still cutting okra and I will continue as long as I motivate myself to do so – it will continue to produce until the first frost. I remind myself how wonderful it will be in a gumbo this winter so I cut and freeze. It is so easy to grow and so delicious to have. As I posted last time, there are only a few Kieffer Pears left on the trees and I am not ambitious enough to do anything with them except include them in breakfast smoothies…perhaps one more cobbler could be on the docket.

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