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About Us

As many things do, Caribbean Ice grew from somewhat of a “need” – cooling off from the hot South Louisiana sun…

The summer of 2001 was approaching and my husband, Skip, and I had the idea of cooling off the neighborhood with an old fashioned snowball stand. The green space was available, a small building was built and a short trip to New Orleans to Snowizard on River Road was taken - shaved ice and 70 flavors began our story. Snowballs, homemade ice cream, and concession food were all that was served in May of 2001 from our little red building on the outskirts of town. It was a busy summer helping the community to “stay cool”. Then the winter came and everyone that came for cool treats was gone.

two chefs in kitchen

We decided to go to New Orleans once again but this time we skipped River Road and headed towards the Mississippi River to the Morial Convention Center and the Louisiana Restaurant Expo. It was there where we “accidentally” met Mrs. Pat Wilson as we were exiting the show empty handed and deflated. Nothing seemed to fit our tiny business here, nothing to help us grow. She insisted that we try a hamburger made on her machine – a machine that required fresh ground meat and extracted all of the fat, a healthy, great tasting hamburger. I was reluctant but not to be rude, tried it. It was so good!

We bought the machine, put it in my husband’s truck and drove home happy and inspired – the Caribbean Ice Burger was added to our menu. The larger menu evolved as the response grew, old fashioned organic growth.

hand-painted signs that read salads and hamburgers

Our Vision

Today, we have an extensive menu that includes hamburgers, pizza, wraps, soups, salads, and of course, snowballs and ice cream. Our commitment has always been to provide our small community with home cooked food at a reasonable price. Not only do we want you to finish our meals with the satisfaction of eating fresh real food, we want you to feel okay about the cost of your meal.

This idea grew from our personal feelings of paying so much money to take our family out for a simple meal of hamburgers and a drink – we may have enjoyed the meal but we would always regret the amount of money we spent(and sometimes wondered what we just put into our bodies). Anyway, we source locally when we can, do a lot of the shopping ourselves to keep quality up and prices down, and try hard to make your experience pleasant and satisfying. We make efforts to keep our menu simple and made from whole foods.

We hope to continue feeding your family and offer a place that is an alternative to unhealthy and overpriced processed food – we really do care about you. Eating out has become a way of life; I suppose we are all just busier now, so Caribbean ice would love to be a solid substitute for a home cooked meal that is affordable.

We now have 3 family members that are chefs – Matthew and Andrew Shensky were trained in Boulder, Colorado at Auguste Escoffier, a farm to table culinary school and Elizabeth is a pastry chef trained at Apicius International School of Culinary Arts in Florence, Italy. We hope that they will add new items to our menu and new flavors for your palette.